My Beautiful Mental Exhaustion

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I want to start out thanking God for the energy and perspective he has given me.  Today has been a very busy day, and I have needed every bit of energy I can get.  Yesterday was great, I managed to get a lot done, and spend some time with Kathy in the process.  Later that night, after I got home, I went to finish some things up at my computer.  I heard this strange crash outside, and with the sound having a strange familiar tone to it, I decided to poke around outside to see what was up.  When I got out there, everything seemed in order, there was a person down the road to my right pulling out of his driveway, and no traffic either way besides that.  I didn’t think much of it, but wanted to check my Jeep out to make sure it was alright, I mean it was there and parked, not smashed down the road like last time, but I had to make sure.  As I went around the vehicle, I noticed debris on the road and I knew someone had some sort of an accident, so I was thinking to myself, I wonder who the poor guy is who smashed up their vehicle.  As I walked up along the driver’s side door, I noticed that the wheel was turned, and I didn’t remember leaving it turned that much, and something didn’t look right with the front driver’s side corner of the car.  Well, I took a closer look, and it seemed that I was the poor sap who had his car smashed into.  This is the second time in a few months that my parked car has been ran into, in fact, the reason I am driving around a newer Jeep now is because, by the grace of God, my last Jeep was totaled while parked in front of the house.  As I checked it out, and called the police, a small swarm of neighbors came to see what was up.  I took pictures, and the damage consisted of some bent suspension parts, steering linkage, smashed bumper and some body damage.  It is not drivable, with the wheels turned strait, it looks like it is trying to take a right and a left turn at the same time, that would not get me very far…  Anyway, by the end of the night, the police had apprehended the vehicle and suspect, but I was not given much in the line of details, so I will have to get a completed report from the police department.  I did hear that my vehicle was the second that the guy hit that night, and that was why the office appeared in about a minute of me finishing up my 911 call.

All in all, I still had a sincere smile on my face that entire evening.  The neighbors and officer were kind and helpful, and I thanked the officer for his help.  Though I am not troubled by the incident, or the fact that I will be without a vehicle for a while, I still am going to be pushing extra paperwork, and have to wrangle my insurance as they process this new claim.  It is a bit draining.  I already have a lot going on, so it seems I am now in training to handle more…. thats good.  Now I am wondering if I am getting to a point here…  Nope, don’t think so, no real point, except maybe I feel drained.  You know, 4 accidents in under one year, that just seems like too many to me, maybe a little unusual, and only one of them was possibly my fault, the others were when the car was parked, and I was rear ended on I-5.

There is good that comes from this.  I now get to spend some time with other people as they drive me around.  I am gaining all kinds of experience with the courts, insurance companies, and the overall process of an accident.  Oh, and here is a good one; one by one I am taking bad drivers off the road.  Another really good thing I am seeing is that when an accident happens, people come out, and with sincerity, they care whether or not you are ok.  Even my mother, after borrowing her new car, and having the front end of it removed, she cared how I was above concern for the vehicle.  I think I needed to see that.

I just thank God for his perfect care for me.  He knows what is important, and he takes care of me.  My possessions are not so important, they come and go.

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