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Logically Looking at Vaccinations

First, let me state that I am all for vaccinations!  Vaccines have eradicated many terrible diseases, and greatly helped to reduce many many other occurrences of disease.  I do however have a problem with shortcuts, toxic ones, and the effects they can have on people.  I am against choices being taken away that lock us into paying corporations for sub par products, or products where harmful short-cuts were taken.  I want vaccinations without toxic compromise.  The argument that it is “only a little amount of toxin” is bullshit, it is the little things that add up to create big problems, or increase the incidents of big problems.

This has kept me up at night a lot, being a parent, which means every choice I make can have effects throughout the rest of this little precious person’s life.  Vaccinations, a hot topic for sure, and for understandable reasons on both sides.  There is a ton of money in vaccinations, it is not a non profit organization, there is world wide good that it has effected, and giant pharmaceuticals are behind these products, with a lot to loose.  Parents want what is best for their children, diseases are terrible, suffering children is terrible, the irreversible effect of some diseases is terrible, no one wants their child sick, fear is one of the most powerful driving forces humans have, sometimes illogically.  Another note about feelings in general, I have observed that the more feelings a person has, the less logical and fact/metric based their decisions become, the more facts/metrics are even flat out ignored.

As much as the “free market” is often rigged, there are still many concepts that are real and factual.  A corporation without any incentive to change, will not put forth any effort to change a profitable thing.  The only forces that drive change, are money based, as in, if they can easily make more money, they will, or if they can do something to prevent loss of money, they will do it.  One element of this is a consumer driven one, where a consumer has the choice to evaluate and choose to buy, or not to by a product.  When that is taken away, this leaves a disconnect between what customers want or don’t want, and what a corporation produces.  Over the years, corporations have slowly bought their way into government, via lobbying, and via money to put their people in office for the specific goal of making governmental market controlling changes, basically you can read that as, they take away choices or effect of the people on their corporation’s product, usually locking their product in, and others out, but sometimes making their product a mandatory requirement.  Vaccinations are well into the “being made mandatory stage” and they have good arguments for it, ones I agree with, how could you disagree with eradication of terrible diseases.  However, mandatory goodness turns ugly when money is involved.  The “save the world from disease” has lost all incentive to do the best they can for the good of the people, and has cut corners, and refused to change, because it doesn’t have to, there is no monetary benefit to change, no incentive.  Any “for the good of the people or product” is not enough to drive business changes, not in this economy, not in this accepted corporate structure and society.  I know this because I have seen it from the inside, year after year, the only incentive for change is money, the blood of a corporation.  If you’re “bleeding” fix it, and if no one notices the problem, or we can cover it up, that is good enough, because it has prevented “bleeding”.  Corporations always act to make more money, and that is not a bad thing, but how they do it can be, and what they ignore can also be bad, especially in medical or other bodily products.

The world is united to eradicate as many diseases as possible, new vaccinations are being produced constantly.  The vaccine producing corporations have leveraged the Government to help organize and enforce this through many mandatory measures, and have the CDC promoting all that they do.  We have even reached the masses with media convincing people of what ever they want with regard to their product’s goodness.  Yay, all is good….. But wait, as with all giant things and momentum, it is good until it isn’t, but at this point, it is so big, who could possibly stop it if something were wrong.  Skydiving is great until you find there is something wrong with your parachute, and then what.  That brings us to this day and age.

Here comes the problem, or the punch line, if you will, with regard to vaccinations.  History has taught us that metals are tricky things.  Even from ancient times (Roman empire, etc.) people have noticed that many metals are toxic, such as lead and mercury.  We have also learned that our body needs some metals such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and selenium.  What what we need to note is that there are some metals that are not good, and many of them cause neurological disorders among other things.  Both lead and mercury are well known for causing neurological issues.  Aluminum is repeatedly showing up as having links to neurological issues as well, especially clear with Alzheimer’s disease, where they have found 4 times the concentration of aluminum accumulation in the brain when compared to a normal person’s brain.  Aluminum bioaccumulates in the body, tissues, and organs over time, and I suspect some places it does not ever leave from.  Just like other diseases that vaccinations are eradicating, these metal based diseases are terrible, and there is often no significant reversing of the effects.  Mercury is still often used in vaccinations, and aluminum is present in most vaccinations.  The thing with aluminum is that it is big big big business, it is used all over the place, and even its refining byproducts which they used to just dump as worthless toxins, has turned into another often mandated no-choice product that makes money, called fluoride.  Fluoride is another subject that is worth discussing at another time, as it does play a part chemically in the body if both come together, they do tend to bond.  Aluminum is found in cook ware, dishes, food, building materials, electronics, toys, body care products, health care products, and injectable medicals supplies as a preservative and as an adjuvant, and on and on, just about everywhere.  There is very little that would have such an effect on the economy of the world and corporations around the world as finding that aluminum were toxic and a cause of neurological disorders in children and adults.  This would be the thing to hide if there ever were a thing to hide, especially with regard to vaccines, which are government and often community mandated in schools and child-care, or other group child scenarios.  Vaccines are the most direct intra-bodily delivery system for aluminum, and mercury for that matter, there is no absorption ratio, it is 100% in the body after injected, and its removal is fully loaded on the body’s ability to dislodge it from tissues it accumulates in, and cleanse it out of the body through the kidneys and liver.  Eating aluminum has a 1% absorption ratio, and is not comparable, call bullshit if anyone tries to compare the 2, because it is just ignorant bullshit, nothing more.  Back in the day it was clear enough for the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend that aluminum and mercury be removed from vaccines, but recently they mysteriously reversed their recommendation with regard to aluminum, without good reason in my opinion.

Now to further the perspective.  If you were one of the people driving to eradicate diseases through vaccinations, and it was found out that your adjuvant was causing neurological disorders in children, perhaps through statistical analysis, in a secret meeting, you would really be careful to make sure that this problem did not stop vaccinations dead in its tracks, because it is fighting diseases.  Wouldn’t you at least consider hiding it so that corporations would have enough time to reformulate, excluding aluminum as an adjuvant?  Because it would be obvious that the vast number of increasing cases of autistic children would result in enough lawsuits to bury any vaccine manufacturer, halting any faith in vaccinations, because people overreact, especially in emotional situations like this.  Who would want that, especially when you have dedicated your life to eradicating diseases, and succeeded in many areas?  The flaw here is the idea that a corporation’s good will towards people is enough to drive change.  People ride it until it is dead in the water, and despite the world at large becoming slowly wise to the issue, it is still widely government, community, and organizationally mandated, there is plenty of riding left to be done until congress changes that, and we know how quickly that happens these days, considering how government works these days.

Corporations are in the denial stage, just like with tobacco.  They are producing all the propaganda required to keep aluminum where it is at, all of the studies promoted by those profiting from aluminum that counter any proof or study that says aluminum is a neurotoxin.  There seem to be stages that organizations go through, something like; denial with counter evidence, acceptance of the problem but blame something or someone else like by putting warnings on labels, and then in some way acceptance of responsibility but limit of losses.  If there were just more money behind real research looking for truth, and only truth, this process would be so much quicker.  But where is the money?  It is in the hands of the corporations, and just like we all know with elections as an example, who ever has the money has the advertising/media power, and who ever has the most advertising/media power convinces the most people, so in turn, corporations will win with their convincing propaganda/advertising/media.  The internet helps spread ideas, sometimes truth, but if nothing else, it gets people thinking, looking, and researching, and that is currently the only counter the world has to the hiding of the truth.

Oh, and one more thing, weather you believe in evolution or God, or both, you have to admit that the body is well tuned to know what is good for it or what is not good for it, and the entire idea behind using aluminum as an adjuvant is simply because it causes such an uproar in the body as the body does all it can to contain and remove the aluminum, that it amplifies the immune response to the actual antigen.  Basically the immune response to the weakened strain of the disease causing microbe is amplified by association to the toxin.  Our bodies know that aluminum does not belong in our bodies, but it is being ignored by people who think they know better.

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Medical Industry Letdowns

I am finding it harder and harder to trust anyone in the medical industry these days.  Just today we went in for a simple frenotomy, and the doctor told us they would not do it because they would not risk the health of our child, who is having a hard time breast feeding because of her tongue tied status.  Her issue was that we were administering vitamin K orally, and did not get the standard vitamin K shot that is considered standard and is administered as a matter of fact in the medical industry these days.  Here was our reasoning for not having the shot administered.  It is a mega dose of synthetic vitamin K, that uses aluminum as a preservative.  Aluminum is a heavy metal with known neurotoxic effects on human and animal nervous systems.  After a week of sleep deprivation I did not recall what was in the shot, so I asked her if the shot contains any heavy metals, or aluminum (at that time not being sure if it was a heavy metal).  She promptly said no, and continued to insist that she would not perform the procedure because of the apparent medically significant risk of bleeding in the brain due to how hard she would cry with the procedure.

Too little too late, we got the shot, and asked what the ingredients were.  Sure enough, aluminum.  I know all the arguments for and against aluminum in injectable medications, and I understand the claimed use in vaccines as an adjuvant, but as a preservative, I consider that just damned lazy and cheap.  I believe that the arguments for its use as an adjuvant are, though understandable, it is still a cop-out.  I believe any alternative should be found and used, even if it costs more, or is harder to manufacture, or requires boosters or a longer procedure.  What ever the case, I think it is logically unsound to say that it is good to inject neurotoxic heavy metals into infants or anyone for that matter, just as long as it is a little bit at a time.  Bioaccumulation is a real thing, and guess what, aluminum is bioaccumulated with the best of them, which means over time there is more that builds up in tissues, like the brain, the more a person is exposed, and it is dead simple logic to understand that more of a neurotoxin build up in nervous system tissue typically means more neurotoxic effect with the increase.

And damn it, what about the risk to our daughter’s optimum health when she can not be breast fed due to her tongue tied status?  I consider formula an option that is far from what I would call healthy.  It is a must of course in many circumstances, I get that, but to deny breast feeding for the first month, I consider that a health risk, when it could be avoided with a damned simple snip.

I should not need to do a bullshit test every time a doctor tells me something.  I am tired of running into this.

Oh and if you are curios, the stats for infants that were given vitamin K orally having bleeding complications are .0014% to .0064% have late VKDB, which is the only type that we could have at this point.  That is the risk that the doctor was so desperate to avoid.  I think that there is a higher risk of us getting in an accident on the way home from the wasted trip to the clinic today.

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Hard Days, Sleepless Nights

Life has been moving on. Great things have happened! I hold up all that God has done for me as wonderful. A job, a wife, a home, a daughter, time away. However, despite all of that, life still seems worthless. Apart from God and all that He has done, worthless. All this shit that I spend my days doing, worthless! It will all fail, it will all burn. Every bit will fade away and no one will remember, apart from that which was of God.

I tell myself, I have to keep going. I have got to work. We must pay off the debt. Just a little longer, just a little harder. “We just have to keep on going” I say. But do we? Is this the right way? Should it be this hard? Should I be this sick this often? “But we are doing everything right”, I say. Then how can things be this sad. How can I feel so disconnected? Why can I never seem to get enough sleep? Tired, so tired, yet relief seems so far from me.

I hate this world, at least the way it is. All the things I used to love are crap, what is left? God, you have shown me things, things that make this world look so bad. I guess in the dark, you never notice. You could pick up a rock, and not know. You could lay down, and have no idea. You could be content eating your food, doing the things you do. In the dark, you would never know that it was a world of shit. Then the light was turned on, and the dark peels away, and how can you not be disgusted. But after so many years of only knowing the life of crap, how do you change? Where is the abundance of non crap to fill all that you leave behind?

Where are the meaningful things? Where do I go to find them? Who do I talk to, who do I seek? Who knows the things that matter? I want to meet Him, and ask Him some questions. There is only One, but He seems silent, or my ears can not hear. What has happened to my ears? Why does it seem like I am trapped in a pit?

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Life Is Complicated, Writing Helps

From so many directions God is saying to write.  There are so many reasons to do it, but finding the time, and dropping the procrastination is hard.

Work and life in general is a lot more work than I expected, it is a lot more complicated, and a lot more stressful than I could have imagined.  Anyone who has bought their first home and gone through all the processes involved in that life event can attest, things are not simple anymore.  I can only imagine what having children would be like on top of all of this.  I can’t help but relate to Billy Madison:

If I only knew.  Now medical issues, mysterious ones with no known root cause.  Intestinal troubles so bad that I was suffering for years, seems to have gotten better now, but maybe I am just used to the changes that came from it.  Then a UEDVT, really?  Is life really so stressful that after a really hard day, or a scary orthodontist appointment will cause the blood to clot in my body, risking my life?

For all the complications and stresses of this life, I think I need to write.  I think that is just how my mind works, if I write about it, the stress and worry, and maybe even emotional aspects of all this will be reduced or eliminated.  I have used it in the past, and it has really helped me through the worst situations I have ran into in life.  But now I think I may even have something worth saying.  In fact I know I do.

God is real and he has done some things in my life that are really worth writing about.  I have experienced these things and it is very unscientific to dismiss what you have experienced with your own being and senses, as that is how all things are learned.  Why should some observations be dismissed while others kept, are we really letting political correctness dictate what actual observations we can share and which we can not?  Being that this is my personal blog on my domain, on my server, political correctness can go to hell.  I will not let PC dull my communications.


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