Life Is Complicated, Writing Helps

From so many directions God is saying to write.  There are so many reasons to do it, but finding the time, and dropping the procrastination is hard.

Work and life in general is a lot more work than I expected, it is a lot more complicated, and a lot more stressful than I could have imagined.  Anyone who has bought their first home and gone through all the processes involved in that life event can attest, things are not simple anymore.  I can only imagine what having children would be like on top of all of this.  I can’t help but relate to Billy Madison:

If I only knew.  Now medical issues, mysterious ones with no known root cause.  Intestinal troubles so bad that I was suffering for years, seems to have gotten better now, but maybe I am just used to the changes that came from it.  Then a UEDVT, really?  Is life really so stressful that after a really hard day, or a scary orthodontist appointment will cause the blood to clot in my body, risking my life?

For all the complications and stresses of this life, I think I need to write.  I think that is just how my mind works, if I write about it, the stress and worry, and maybe even emotional aspects of all this will be reduced or eliminated.  I have used it in the past, and it has really helped me through the worst situations I have ran into in life.  But now I think I may even have something worth saying.  In fact I know I do.

God is real and he has done some things in my life that are really worth writing about.  I have experienced these things and it is very unscientific to dismiss what you have experienced with your own being and senses, as that is how all things are learned.  Why should some observations be dismissed while others kept, are we really letting political correctness dictate what actual observations we can share and which we can not?  Being that this is my personal blog on my domain, on my server, political correctness can go to hell.  I will not let PC dull my communications.


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