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Egypt Is Calling

Let me not turn back to Egypt, the old ways that I am used to, but let me fully embrace your ways.  I hear you.  I need your help.  Every bit of the world screams a way that is not yours, how can I blot it out.  How can I plug my ears so I can hear clearly only the right way, the true way which you have laid out!  Thank you for your grace, let your staff guide me.  The force which brought me here, let it keep my path strait.  You brought me here for a reason, I know this, but work is killing me away from it.

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Hazing With A New Job?

Day 2 is complete, and I still have pending tickets from day one, when I did not even have enough time to know where the ticketing system was located.  I finished one ticket yesterday after being given root access to all their systems, and being asked to resize a volume on the netapp.  It blows my mind.  I feel I am missing something, and it is keeping me up, as I am bothered by how this is playing out, I must be bothered, because the scenarios keep on looping in my head, and it is keeping me up.  In the final interview, Adam said that in the past they just gave employees a login and let them go, and that was a mistake, so they had a better way to bring new hires up to speed.  For all I know, this could be that new way, which is start assigning the new hire tickets about systems he knows nothing about yet, in a ticketing system he has not had a chance to even visit yet, because it is his second day and has not had a chance to setup his Mac which he has never had to use, which is using outlook, which he has never had to use, let alone on a MacBook Pro.  Also, it did not help being without a phone the first and part of the second day, or needing a USB headset that I do not have.

They have enough systems that the first week should be settling into the new office, new computer, and new surroundings with a simple check list of what is needed for a new hire in that position, so that all of the systems can be logged into and at least bookmarked.  They have all kinds of information for new hires, but if they do not give the new hires a chance to read it, what good is any documentation at all.  All I have to say is, I am so glad they had a search on their wiki, otherwise many of the work task things that they asked me to do would have been near impossible until I had had a chance to read through several sections of information relevant to new hires.

It has been a hard 2 days, and in a way, I am glad, but on the other hand, it would have been nice to at least be given a breakdown of the training attack, and it would have been very helpful to have been given a few days to settle into the new systems, with a simple list of the main management systems I will be using on a daily basis.

God please give me strength, because though this is probably my dream job, it is not starting out reasonably enough for me to realize it though experience.

So, do I ask Adam for a few days (or even a day) to get familiar with their documentation, the systems that they use, to get settled into my new system and daily applications, finish setting the passwords, and familiarize myself with basic procedures so I can function best as an employee?  I think that would be good.  Putting in 12 hour days just to fit in those needed basic steps that I did not have the chance to do is a bit hard.  Considering that I worked 8 hours above the average work day, I do not find it unreasonable to ask for a day where I can do all those things, and make sure I am well founded in all that I need to be, as it has been presented so far.

Please Lord, help me though this process, help me know what is good to ask for and what is not, please, I just want to do well in this position, and being burnt out the first week does not seem to be part of that picture.  Please be with Adam, help him to understand, and give me what I need.  Thank you for giving me what I need, and then some.

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