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What is Infallible?

We are the Israelites telling Moses to go up and deal with You…  We want the bible to tell us all truth, but that is not enough, we need You!

We want to believe and tell people that the bible is written practically by Your hand, and is infallible, because we can not bare dealing with uncertainty, or with having to ask for Your help to find the truth.  We are afraid of the uncertain, perhaps we are afraid to talk to you directly.  Maybe we want to feel bigger, so we say these words are perfect and directly written by You through the prophets.  We want to be able to say we have all the answers for you, here read in this book.  But in reality, we do not have all the answers, the book is just written by people who love you and worked with you directly, but they are just imperfect men, and imperfections reflect in the words they write.  Perceptions that the writers had, those were their perceptions, formed by the society they lived in at the time.

Point being, we need YOU God, to be with us through all growth, learning, and reading, yes, even the bible.  That is why some people can memorize word for word, and quote so much from the bible and be empty of truth, because like You said, You yourself are truth.

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