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Children Like To Think They Know Everything

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What would you do if you knew everything?  You really can’t say, can you?  Just as when you were a child, and did not know as much as you do now, you could not say what you would do if you knew more, you could not say how your perspective would be, or what would be right for you.  How much of everything would you have to know before you could say what you would do if you knew everything?  Do we need to know everything before we can accept it, that is a clear no, look at every situation in your life that you had to learn, you did not know, but you had to accept and work with it.  I accept you, I believe in you, I love you, even though I do not completely understand you.  How is it that we love, accept, and believe in so many things every day even when we know full well we do not know everything about it, we may not even understand it.  But when we sit back and think about God, for some reason, we are stuck on trying to understand everything he does, his perspective, his reasoning for why this or that happened.  Does this really make sense?  Are we not just tiny children who know little, trying to figure out what we would do if we knew everything?  Think about that for a while, think long and hard.  Here is something that we might just be able to figure out, we can figure out human behavior, how we act, what drives us as humans, what our hangups are, and what we tend to do about them.  Once we understand ourselves, then maybe, just maybe it will not be so hard to accept God, the truth of everything, even though we can not figure Him out.  Heh, I just realized I am telling this to myself as much as anyone else.

Somehow this little line of thought, which is nothing new, came about this time as I was thinking about my children, and what I would teach them, how I would get them to understand and see the world as it really is.  How can you teach children a perspective of the world, when they know and understand so little to begin with, when I can not even teach an adult.  Is it weird that I can feel how much I would love my children, even when I have none?  Ok, well, one day at a time, God will get me through every step, I just have to listen to my loving Father and trust him, because he knows so much more than I.  Life is good!

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Shiny Happy People?

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Here is something I ran across (not going to comment on where), but it sounded good, so here it is:

“My tattered heart, it beats once again.  Even with all of the holes, the scars, the hurts from the past, life is being breathed back into me.  Its all going to be ok, step by step every day, I am being healed, growing stronger, and headed in the right direction.  Lessons learned, perspectives changed, so far to go, but I am not alone.  The future is bright, bright with the hope of all the beautiful possibilities we see.  “Everything is going to be alright, I am here for you, and you will never be alone.””

It is interesting how the writer started out talking about themselves, then it switched to “we”, and then “you”…

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