An Actual Live Site on My Domain

Welcome to my blog.  It has been many years since I purchased this and a few other domains, so I figured it was about time I set something up on them other than the stuff that happens in the background that no one sees.  For years now I have used this domain and a few others to test technology and setup sites on various other platforms and hosting systems.  Usually it has been to test out a new control panel, or get use to a new system that I would support.  Often I have used them for development of different technologies or, for example, setting up and debugging a piece of software so I could get the developers up to speed on features I needed it to have before I could implement it in production.

This is a new day, and even though this is my first install of WordPress, this is going to be a publicly visible and active production site.  I have not yet set my mind on the exact theme of this site, other than the fact that I will probably be ranting about something in the technical realm from time to time, often related to my position as a Data Systems Specialist at Advantagecom Networks, Inc. We will see what comes up.

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