Yet Another Theme

I had to scrap that last theme, it would not let me change the “Blogroll” to something else.  I mean what is a “Blogroll”?  I don’t link to other blogs, and if I did, I would not call it a blogroll.  I suppose some people do get into this blogging community thing, and that is cool, but I don’t have time to do that kind of stuff.  I have some things that I want to say that I believe others could find useful at one level or another, and I want a place where I can share it with people in a modern fashion.  In the future, maybe I will link to some specific ones which share some good or interesting information, but for now, I am even coming up short with what to put on my “Aboot” page.

The theme I had to scrap was called “Slate“.  I decided to go with one which was clean, shadowed, textured, and just all around neat and simple.  This one is called “Fusion“, and I found it somehow following several links while investigating some RSS plugin that I think might be able to take and generate posts on this site from an RSS feed.  I was looking that up in hopes to archive and store old stuff I posted on my blogs in other locations like my MySpace account.


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