Free Will and The Spiritual World

There is a wall, some guy built it, in the middle of a field.  He willed, he chose to put it there, his will was put into action, and through the effort driven by his will in this world, over time it was built, no matter what his reason was, it is there.

A woman was traveling, and willed to pass through the field.  She was reading as she walked and passed by the wall without even noticing it.  Her will and the effect of her will in this world did not conflict or intersect in any way the will of the man who built the wall.

Another man was in the same field after the wall was built, mowing the brush down in a riding lawn mower.  It was his will to go out that day and mow down the brush, so he put forth the effort to do so.  He ran into the wall, it damaged his mower, so he decided to circumvent the wall, and mow around it.  His will to mow the entire field was effected by the will of another when all was put into action in this world.

Yet another man was driving through the same field, and he ran into the wall with his vehicle.  He got out and looked at the wall and decided he wanted to drive through where the wall was.  He got back into the vehicle followed his will to run through the wall, and by his will put into action, and the resulting effort he put it, in very little time, the wall was destroyed.  The will of the driver, put into action, over time, overturned the will of another man who built the wall.

God has patterned things in His creation, and in many ways they are harmonious with other realities, and that is why you can look at the properties of what He has created, and get hints at how other hidden realities work.  We are free willed creations, and our wills conflict sometimes, and sometimes they do not, and sometimes they don’t even intersect.  The strength of these wills, and the action that it creates can cause one person’s will to overturn another person’s will and the effect it had.  The hidden worlds I believe this works in is the spiritual world, the world of faith, belief, prayer, and the resulting effect by God’s hand that some may call “super-natural”.

In the spiritual world, I believe the will of the man driving through the field overturned the will of the man who built the wall, even before he ran through it, right when he decided he was going to run through it.

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