Why Are We Focusing On The Micro When We Are So Macro?

I keep on running into this in science, medical, and psychology fields, the denial of the macro. Here is what I mean by this. How many nutrients does it take to sustain a human or any other animal or plant life? How many elements, proteins, and chemical compounds are needed in every small but vital process of life? The answer is clearly many elements, many proteins, many chemical compounds, many nutrients, no one can deny that. Basically we as a thinking society need to come to grips with what that means. We are made up of many many many things, and though one missing can kill a person, the majority of the illnesses in this world are not based on missing one nutrient or vitamin.

First I suppose I need to expose my bias. I have a biblical outlook on life, a biblical perspective. I believe that we were designed and created intelligently to be robust resilient machines able to self repair, self regulate, etc. as long as we give ourselves the foods engineered for us to sustain our lives. I believe that a lot of shit has happened and that life and this world have deviated and degraded from that ideal for many reasons, but it takes more effort for us to keep healthy now than it used to take in the past. I could go on with more reasons, but I think that gets the point across about where I am coming from. I don’t believe we are evolving, but if anything, we and life in general is degrading from a long long ago point of perfect creation. With the bias out of the bag, let me say, my observations still have merit even without that bias, as observationally there are some facts and natures that can be derived from nature as it is now.

So, it comes down to this. I do not know how a logical being can look at such a macro organism and even suggest that a pill made of a certain concentration of a given man made substance or extracted substance could possibly actually cure anything. The most we have been able to truly cure with simple single nutrient compounds or the like are things like scurvy and other deficiency based issues. The body has so many needs that we can’t live off of minerals, we have to eat other life in order to fulfill all of our bodies needs, and when something is missing, then we get diseases. People who nearly exclusively ate corn became greatly deficient in the past and diseases resulted, so not even one plant alone can sustain us, and a plant has a ton of different nutrients. We have to eat a variety of plants to provide what we need.

I believe our bodies, if sufficiently given the right amount of the right nutrients on a regular basis, which I believe to be completely fulfillable by plants alone if done right, can fight off more than 90% of the diseases which are epidemics today. This includes even the big ones, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and others. I included diabetes because that falls into too much (not the right amount) of something on a regular basis overworking an organ to failure. I believe our immune systems can fight off much more when at peak efficiency, and that includes the proper handling of mutated cells we only call cancer when it reproduces too fast. I consider any DNA damaged cell that sustains its life to be in the same category as cancer, even if it does not reproduce as fast as what the medical community classifies as cancer, because the body treats them the same. I believe the most effective “cure” to cancer that we can get is to eat perfectly, non processed fruits and vegetables of a good variety and of a good organic and holistic nature.

Plants provide every element that our bodies need to be in their best shape, with the strongest immune systems, ready to respond to any issues that come its way. The weaker the immune system, the weaker the response, and the more the diseases win. I would not say that we as a race have the ability to be completely immune to all things, but I am saying that we can be immune to most of the epidemic diseases we are dealing with today in society simply by giving our bodies exactly what they need, which can be perfectly provided by a balanced variety of high quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes, etc.

Donating money to a corporation to do for profit research and development to find a new product that they can tout as a cure or even temporary remedy and sell back to that same society that paid for that product to be developed, and at insane profit margins seems illogical to me. Basically you are paying a company to make a product that probably wont “cure” cancer, but even if it did, you probably could not afford it. In essence, because it is a for profit venture, and for profit, when it involves saving a life, tends to have the highest profit markup known to mankind, you are just encouraging a company to profit in one end and out the other, and the poor people die, and the rich people live. This does not sound good to me. I do not understand how people can rationalize this. Just like “chemotherapy” as they call it, I don’t logically understand why people choose to take toxic chemicals that often all by themselves kill a patient, in hopes that it kills the cancer more than them, only to typically die a few years later because your “chemotherapy” ravaged body is so damaged, it can’t have a fighting chance to kill the cancer off itself anymore.

I believe that God made all life and the universe that supports it, and I believe that in the beginning everything was as it should be, but by our choices, we are on a degraded path. We have diseases and illnesses as a result, and bodies that are not as well equipped to fight those issues. I believe that the more we return to the original design, the more healthy and resilient we will be. I believe that the for profit influences in this world have caused a lot of propaganda to be believed as fact, and a lot of the foods are designed to be more attractive than ever, and that is throwing the balance off in every area of life. One change will not fix it, one chemical will not fix it, even a hand full of chemicals or changes will not fix most of these giant issues. I believe that it will take many many small changes, many many chemicals and nutrients effecting many many complex systems and organs, and then we will find the cures. We need a macro perspective.

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