A Glimpse Into The Mind of The ADD

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Here is a small glimpse into the mind of an ADD person.  I just had this thought while writing to a friend.  I just got to the end of a paragraph, and was wondering what to write next, and out of nowhere, I remembered something about panda being a nickname.  Panda’s are Asian animals I think, Asian is a type of food, I like most Asian foods, last time I had Asian food was at the panda express, I remember almost eating the fortune out of a fortune cookie on accident because I only had one hand free while running out of the Alderwood mall, the first thing I thought I read on the fortune was “You have the personality of a weiner”, but on closer inspection of the fortune, it said winner.  What ever, so I went back to thinking about what I was going to write next, but into my mind popped the name of a type of wiener, Oscar Myer.  Curious on how to spell it for no apparent reason, I opened up another tab and went to google.com and searched for my misspelling of Oscar Myer.  After clicking on the “Did you mean: Oscar Myer” link google.com gave me, I came to some links, I went to the most interesting link which was the 3rd one down.  It went to “Urban Dictionary: Oscar Meyer”, which goes into some interesting definitions for Oscar Meyer, things I was not aware of, but thought were hilarious, you should check it out.  Out of nowhere I figured that this would make an interesting blog, so here it is.

I am amazed that I can ever get any work done.

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