Life Is Good

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I figured I would post another blog.  This time maybe a little less gloomy.  Today was a good day!  This morning I woke up on time, worked out for 30 minutes, took a shower, tossed a salad, I mean made a salad, and ran off to the store to pick some things up.  I got to work a little late, but that’s cool, I didn’t miss anything.  At work I managed to get tons done like, I packed up and shipped 2 servers, nearly finished debugging the installation of a new control panel I am working on, got put in charge of an on site network installation while my boss is away, and I ran a mile during lunch because it was not nearly as hot today as it was yesterday.  After work I started to work on my Jeep to fix some cooling issues.  I replaced the coolant bottle which was slightly cracked, and popped out my thermostat which was getting stuck sometimes and making the Jeep run hotter than it should, I try to keep it running under 230 most of the time.  It was easy, and took hardly any effort or time, and I drove around about 30 miles, most at speeds of 65 so I could make sure it didn’t leak under normal freeway conditions, and everything worked perfectly, no leaks.
All in all, my day was productive, though boring to most people, I am sure.  However, I got this weird feeling while I was driving around.  I think I am missing someone.  That has not happened in a long time.  Maybe this is a good thing that I am missing someone….

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