I woke up this morning, and my penis was missing….

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Do you ever wake up in the morning, and feel like something is missing?  No, not like in the “Detachable Penis” song, I know some of you were thinking that.  You had something great going the day before, a drive, a sense of well being, a strength that pushed you to do all of the things that you have planned to do.  Did I loose something, did the energy, the driving force leave me in my sleep?  Should I write it down before I go to bed, the things in my mind that push me, my reasons to push ahead?  Is it really sort of like the movie “50 first dates”, do I really need to remind myself of who I am every morning?  I know that in time, later in the day, it comes back, I guess it is sort of just the waking up process.  Maybe I should give myself more than just an hour after opening up my eyes.  I need to finish booting up…

Maybe it is something I should write down, just in case, I wake up one morning, and don’t remember why I am here, what I am here to do.  Maybe a jump start, it could speed the waking process up, get me started exactly where I was when I left off.  I hate wasted time, when time is the one thing we all can count on running out of sooner or later.  Which is not a concept that scares me, I embrace it, and I am given strength by it.

Find your center, your strength, smile, and go.  You have things to do too.

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