I Am Not A Caveman, I Just Have Rugged Good Looks

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The other thing that is going on in my life which is sorta big, is that I am learning that the evolution theory is wrong.  There are so many things that while growing up, just did not make sense to me, and now that I am looking around, I am finding out why.  The flood happened, and before it happened, people existed (some very big) as did giant animals and plants, the entire world was beautiful and green even the north and south poles, and humans, animals, and plants are not accidents.  Time, the sun and the elements break down everything, things fall apart, they don’t get better, or accidentally more complexly organized.  Mutations never result in some sort of good thing for a plant or animal, nor does any plant or animal produce a new kind of plant or animal.  Variations exist, but no matter what shape or size a dog is, it is still a dog.  All one has to do is look back in history and find that when scientists come up with big claims about things they can not prove, they are very often wrong, but people of that time still defend the theories to the death.  The world is flat, the sun orbits the earth, and the moon is made of cheese.  Prove the accuracy of carbon dating, as in test it on objects that we already know the age of to gauge its accuracy, then if it is accurate on that object, then you can use it to tell how old some things are, but only to the maximum proven accuracy, nothing more is scientific, it is speculation built on assumption that things in the past are just as they are today, and once again, in the nature of science, I say prove it.  Another thing to ponder is that if you follow the evolution theory, there can not be missing links.  Unless a monkey gives birth to at least 2 humans, or some other animal gives birth to multiple of a completely different type of animal, it can not happen.  There has to be multiple, because otherwise the new type of animal could not propagate its own species, very simple, and just like a monkey and a dog can not have sex and make a monkey-dog, there are boundaries that prevent things like that from happening.  With that idea out of the way, lets go the slowly changing over time, well there you go, no missing links, there would be tons of fossil evidence to support the entire evolutionary chain, a smooth tiny change over billions of years producing billions of different fossils that can be dug up and used to prove evolution, but there are not.  Cave men? Ha, yeah, well take a look around you today, I know of many people that if they found their bones, they would mistake them for cave men too just by their shape, but they are just a little funny looking, still people, nothing weird about variation.  Why do so many people believe in evolution? read grade school and high school text books, you fill find evolution along with many things proven wrong over the years, still being taught to students.  Evolution is dangerous, all you have to do is follow its origins and its supporters, look at what they wrote, and how they used it to justify what they did.  Read Hitler’s hit list found in the book “The Hitler Movement” on page 107, it is based on evolution.  Ok, I started ranting, sorry, but it is really interesting stuff, but people are too busy to go out and dig this information up for themselves, and where does that leave us, directly in the hands of those who provide us with our day to day media, and what we are taught in our schools.  It would be nice if just the facts were taught in school, but evolution, which is a religion which takes so much faith considering it is based on people’s made up ideas which can not be proven, seems to be what the powers that be, want us to learn.  People should not discount God so easily (or at all) just because of some guy who made up a theory, and mixed in a bit of truth to make it believable.

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