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Finally, A Real Hosting Account

I am so happy to finally get my wife’s sites ( and others) off of the hosting account!  It really didn’t seem all that bad, I mean, it did its job, but it sucked how they charged for everything, even having an email account looked to be billable.  I guess it is good to be able to quantify a service into an actual billable value, but it gets really annoying to have to worry about if you will have to pay extra for something as simple as an email account.

Her hosting was on a Linux system, and that was neat, but it was lacking a bit.  PHP was shown as version 4.x, though I am sure you could have had that changed to a version 5.x support, it said so in the help.  I had to enable SSH for her account so I could transfer them over here easily, and that for some reason required them to transfer the site to a different server.  What ever, I can live with that.  But they had to call me and give me a pin number to do it, and it can take up to 24 hours, this time it took only around an hour (guessing).  The server I found it on was running at a load of 5 at the time, and though responsive, it was a little sluggish when responding to any sort of IO request, and the transfer speed from this server to my hwVPS 2009 account was quite sad, it looked to be around 60 to 70 kilobits a second, and I do hope that was a specific bandwidth limit hosting set for SSH data, because for a website loading speed, that would just suck.

Thanks to BlueOnyx, setting up the accounts and users took a minimal amount of time, and I love our DNS management system.  By the end of the night yesterday, I had all but 3 domains fully setup with live websites and DNS settings for the new location.  I am moving away from anything using FTP, so I have SSH enabled which allows SFTP access, which seems to even be supported by Dreamweaver!  I simply used SCP to transfer all the site’s files to their respective places, and it went through perfectly!

With some custom hacks, I have IPv6 enabled for some of the sites on my VPS, and am going to setup a script that will automate that for me.  At the moment I have IPv6 connectivity through a / account, which allows me to run a IPv6 6in4 static tunnel.  I also modified dovecot, sendmail, and the rest of the software to run full dual stack.  It is not really needed yet, but it is neat seeing all of my server backups and connectivity showing up on the six0 interface graph on my Asus RT-N16 router (I love that thing!, with it running Toastman’s build of TomatoUSB).

Now she gets to deal with me for support, muahahahaha!  It is just really good to have the sites on a system and network I know I can trust!  I also have the comfort of knowing that she will not be charged for simple things like email accounts, and she will be getting good support from someone who knows what they are talking about.

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Asus RT-N16 as NAS

Asus RT-N16 Router and WD MyBook 500GB

Asus RT-N16 Router and WD MyBook 500GB

Loving my Asus RT-N16, just setup a 500G USB drive to it, partitioned it for 512M of swap, 1G for Optware, and the rest for Samba network share (custom hack for multi-user authentication). Auto mounting and setting up handled by a script loaded from the drive itself! Tested tcpdump install from Optware, works perfect, now looking to make it an Asterisk VOIP server! Totally cool! My nerd hairs are standing on end!

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