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SynergyKM problems on Lion

I love to be able to share my mouse and keyboard across all my systems, but I recently got a work upgrade to a new MacBook Pro, running Lion of course. After the migration, the only solution I found after many painful experiences with generic Synergy installs of all different versions, which was SynergyKM just sucked ass and stopped working. I don’t care so much about a GUI, I love a good CLI to everything, and I just want my end goal of sharing keyboard, mouse, and possibly the clipboard, to come true.

Here is a way to get it on with Lion as a server, and Win 7 Pro as a client. First, make a classic Synergy config file, save it somewhere on your Mac. Optionally copy the SynergyKM synergyc and synergys to /usr/bin (sudo of course is needed). Then treat the damn thing like vanilla (plus sudo) Synergy, and it works. Here is my command line:

sudo synergys –config ~/synergy.conf –name YoMamas-MBPro

Now you may want to remove/stop/kill all traces of SynergyKM until they come up with a version that works out of the box with Lion, which I may do myself, to avoid conflicts or confusion.

One thing to note about my Win 7 Pro setup is that I am using Synergy 1.3.8, nothing too special there, but worth noting.

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