Jonathan’s Misguided Thread

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There is a lot weighing on my mind today.  It is strange how one little thing can rattle you so much, almost like a chain reaction and next thing you know, you are looking far into the future and wondering how things are going to work out, questioning things that should not be questioned from so far away.  Why must I worry about so many things at once…  It was just a little problem…  There are so many other things that are so much more important, I guess I have to keep that in mind.  I thank God for giving me a foundation I can depend on, so that no matter what, even if everything is swept away, I can still stand firm.  I just need to take that and hold onto it, never letting it go.  It is so easy to get side tracked, to take your eyes off of what is important, to sink in the water that you were walking on just seconds ago.  You may have all of this positive knowledge in your head, promises that you believe, yet somehow you let them slip through your fingers so often.  Why must we sink so deep before we call out and grab on to the hand that has been held out the whole time.

Ok, that was dark enough, and I laugh at the little problem that rattled me so much, it will probably be just fine anyway.  I am not going to mention what it was.  It is sorta like the despair part of my mind threw a tantrum at being ignored for so long.  If I were not to have written this, no one would have the slightest clue, not even those closest to me, that I was being bothered so much.  It seems so dramatic when I put it into words, yet on the outside, I may look just a little annoyed.  I guess that is just me.

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