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Beautiful Day, Beautiful Wife!

Sunny Day View From Office

This is the view from my office on a sunny day.

Yesterday was a wonderful day (2011-06-20)!  Kathy and I have been going through some hard transitions, hard choices, a lot of work, and a lot of stress, so we needed a day to play.  It started out being one of those rare sunny days, blue sky, warm wind, just beautiful.  Anyone who knows Seattle knows how rare those are.  Right now we live in Shoreline, a beautiful neighborhood with trees, near a beach, in the view of the sound, and lots of well kept yards.  From our living room area we see a full flower bed, in full bloom.  God had really blessed us with a beautiful place to live!  I do hope we can stick around for a while.



When Kathy made it home, we decided it would be best for us to get the hell out of the house!  We decided to head down to the Edmonds waterfront, the first place we started to really get to know each other, and also the place I proposed to her, well also I believe we went down there for a while on our wedding day, after our wedding if I remember correctly.  So we have some history there.


Kathy at Edmonds Waterfront

Kathy at Edmonds Waterfront

I brought my camera, the trusty little Cannon PowerShort SD600, which has served me well these many years.  It still surprises me how good of a camera it is, with very clear shots, minimal grain, and a decent resolution.  Eventually I do want to upgrade my camera, to something more than a point and shoot.  A full on digital SLR (maybe a Nikon D3100) is what I am looking forward to getting, and we are slowly saving money so I can pick one out eventually.  It will have a dual purpose.  Since Kathy is going to be starting to do freelance soon, she will need a good photography source, and I can be that source, as long as I have a high enough quality camera.  I have also wanted a chance to take some more professional shots, and many of the features I am needing for that are not possible with this point and shoot camera.  I would like to be able to even sell some photos if possible.

My Beautiful Wife Kathy

My beautiful wife, Kathy.

We picked a perfect time to head down, the lighting was wonderful and it was warm enough I could run around in just a t-shirt and sweats.  We ended up roaming from the ferry dock all the way up to the dog park at the other end.  I was stuck on the idea of checking out all the beautiful plants that were in bloom and I wanted to hang around until sunset.  Eventually we got tired of wandering around, and it was getting close to when the sun would duck behind the clouds above the mountains, so we just sat down near the water, talking, and watching the fish jump.  I was having a lot of fun with the lighting from the sunset, and pulled a few really neat shots off with my beautiful wife as my subject.


Nice Reflection Shot off of Kathy's Glasses

A nice reflection shot off of Kathy's glasses.

Today is not quite as nice, but nice enough to leave the windows open, which is a very nice change.  Baby (our cat) is going insane wanting out every door and window she sees, and constantly whining while I am trying to work.  I am looking forward to more fun in the sun this summer, maybe even some vacation time.  With the future so unknown, and unpredictable right now, it is not really something we can plan for like many people do, but God will provide, yes, even for our enjoyment.  We will see what happens, life is good, and God is great!

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Jonathan’s Misguided Thread

Current mood:annoyed

There is a lot weighing on my mind today.  It is strange how one little thing can rattle you so much, almost like a chain reaction and next thing you know, you are looking far into the future and wondering how things are going to work out, questioning things that should not be questioned from so far away.  Why must I worry about so many things at once…  It was just a little problem…  There are so many other things that are so much more important, I guess I have to keep that in mind.  I thank God for giving me a foundation I can depend on, so that no matter what, even if everything is swept away, I can still stand firm.  I just need to take that and hold onto it, never letting it go.  It is so easy to get side tracked, to take your eyes off of what is important, to sink in the water that you were walking on just seconds ago.  You may have all of this positive knowledge in your head, promises that you believe, yet somehow you let them slip through your fingers so often.  Why must we sink so deep before we call out and grab on to the hand that has been held out the whole time.

Ok, that was dark enough, and I laugh at the little problem that rattled me so much, it will probably be just fine anyway.  I am not going to mention what it was.  It is sorta like the despair part of my mind threw a tantrum at being ignored for so long.  If I were not to have written this, no one would have the slightest clue, not even those closest to me, that I was being bothered so much.  It seems so dramatic when I put it into words, yet on the outside, I may look just a little annoyed.  I guess that is just me.

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Current mood:drained

Stress takes its tole.  It is amazing how much it will hurt you just seeing and feeling someone you care about be uncomfortable with/around you because of a stupid decision you made.  Some times I think I am too sensitive, and the first thing that comes to mind is the movie Bedazzled, where one wish was to be sensitive, and he turned into a raging pussy….  Though I did my best to undo the mistake I made, I fear the damage is done.  Not that I am going to give up or anything, thats not my way.  I will however continue as friends, which I knew I should have done anyway.  How can you really find out if the person is right for you, if you don’t get to know them.  Every mistake, every bad decision, in one way or another results in good, I believe that, even thought it is hard to sometimes.  I have learned another little piece of information that I will not forget.  Anyway, I am tired, and sort of down, so I think I am going to sleep on it.

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