Current mood:drained

Stress takes its tole.  It is amazing how much it will hurt you just seeing and feeling someone you care about be uncomfortable with/around you because of a stupid decision you made.  Some times I think I am too sensitive, and the first thing that comes to mind is the movie Bedazzled, where one wish was to be sensitive, and he turned into a raging pussy….  Though I did my best to undo the mistake I made, I fear the damage is done.  Not that I am going to give up or anything, thats not my way.  I will however continue as friends, which I knew I should have done anyway.  How can you really find out if the person is right for you, if you don’t get to know them.  Every mistake, every bad decision, in one way or another results in good, I believe that, even thought it is hard to sometimes.  I have learned another little piece of information that I will not forget.  Anyway, I am tired, and sort of down, so I think I am going to sleep on it.

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