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Ok, I did not mean to leave things on a sort of bad note.  Later that night on Monday, I was good, not great, but good.  Sleep helped, talking helped, and so did writing and eating.  Tuesday was a wonderful day, and today is going great too.

As for the situation, things are going as I believe they should.  She does not speak too much about how she feels, and well I have been thinking about that.  How could she really say anything about that, she does not really know me yet….

Feelings make you do some stupid things, especially when you have not had to deal with them for a while.  Something I noticed today is that I am impatient, I hate waiting for things.  My mind flys, computers have a hard time keeping up with what I am trying to do at work.  I am so use to having control over things, everything works by my rules, my time, and my time is not going at any slow pace.  Now take away most of that control as feelings kick in, introduce a new set of rules I am not familiar with, and then mix that all up with a change of pace, because getting to know someone takes time…  I am getting a handle on things though.  I am stepping back and looking at things, though it is very hard to do some times.

I have also realized something I have known, or would have known if I were to have really thought about it.  Stop over analyzing things.  Relationships are not meant to be poked and prodded at so much, there is a time and place for everything, addressing every little thing even before it happens just does not help.  Saying everything that is on your mind is not always the best thing either.  Ok, well what do I know….., so much, yet so little.

All I really know is that tomorrow is another day, great things come from bad situations, learning by mistake will stick with you better than any other way, some of the greatest things in life come from doing things you don’t want to do, things that are hard.  Life is good, all of it, what ever happens, the good, the bad, it is all such an adventure, blazing your path in life…

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